Pitmaster Carey Bringle Plants His Peg Leg in the Ground With New Restaurant



Carey Bringle, known as the Peg Leg Porker- describes himself as a "fearless, one legged, fat, bald-headed, damn good lookin' man." Now he can add the title "restaurateur" to his string of titles. Earlier this month, Bringle and a partner purchased a building to house the new Peg Leg Porker Restaurant at 903 Gleaves St.

The old cinderblock building right behind the Yazoo Brewery facing the railroad tracks may not be much to look at now, but by the time Bringle gets through with it, well ... it probably still won't look like much. But you can rest assured that he'll spend plenty of time and money on the smokers and pump some superior barbecue out of his nouveau roadhouse.

The building is about 3,000 square feet and will have a large 40-by-25-foot patio constructed on the front. Bringle plans to seat about 150 in the dining area and on the patio, so it should be quite the meeting and meating place when it opens. The plan is for a January opening, but we'll keep you posted on the progress here at Bites.

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