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Stock-the-bar parties have been around for a long time. They are a nice replacement for that zillionth wedding shower and provide a way to ensure your newlywed friends will have your favorite booze in the cabinet when you visit their new crib. I've been told that it's bad form to suggest that your host open a bottle of wine that you've brought to a party, but there's nothing wrong with giving them a bottle of your obscure hooch of choice that will probably still be there when you next return.

If you want to help guide ungrateful lummoxes like me into more appropriate gift-giving, West Meade Wine and Liquor Mart has come up with a solution for you with their new gift registry. If you're planning a wedding shower or stock the bar party, all you have to do is email WMWLM at to get the process started.

You'll then get to take a magical shopping trip to the wine store where you can pick out your favorite wines, spirits and high-gravity beers with the assistance of a store employee. Then your invited guests can visit the same website and pick out a present for the event. What could be simpler?

When I shop at an online wedding registry, I try to choose something unique rather than just the fifth dinner plate of a set of a couple of hand towels. I like to pick kitchen utensils so that we can share a mutual interest to celebrate the occasion. Once I picked a toilet paper roll holder off of the gift list so that the bride and groom would be reminded of me at least once a day. Ewwww. But they were the ones who added it to the registry.

In the end, I think wine and booze make a lot more sense for a celebratory gift, so why not take advantage of this new service from West Meade?

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