Nuvo Burrito Continues Aggressive Expansion Plan


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Even though it's been less than a month since Nuvo Burrito opened its second location, in Peabody Place downtown, there's no slowing the burrito juggernaut as they have announced plans for a third outpost in West Nashville.

The Peabody Place operation has exceeded the owners' expectations since opening, and my visit proved that they are more than capable of putting out the same quality of inventive food from that tiny kitchen, just like in their original East Nashville location. Service was prompt, even though the dining area was full of people enjoying their clever burritos and Ques-ideas.

Hopefully, the plan to open a new location near Bobbie's Dairy Dip on the West Side won't overtax Nuvo Burrito. They haven't announced an opening date yet, but I imagine whenever it does start service, the neighborhood will be as happy to see them as downtowners have been.


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