Stoney River Dinners to Feature Foley Family Wines



Whether you live in town or in the hinterlands of Williamson County (is there a snide provincialism font to indicate I'm kidding?), Stoney River Legendary Steaks is offering you an opportunity to enjoy a five-course dinner while sipping on the wines of one of the world's most prolific wineries, Foley Family Wines.

Founder and head Vintner William Foley has started and acquired various wineries around the world, so you may recognize their portfolio better from some of their properties like Merus, Firestone, Chalk Hill and Sebastiani. Stoney River will be selecting wines from several of Foley's estates to pair with the individual courses. The dinners start at 6:30 p.m. and will end around 9 when satisfied diners will be gently shoved out of their seats and into the night.

The Nashville Stoney River will hold its dinner at the 3015 West End Ave. location this Thursday, Oct. 4. For diners who prefer the sojourn to Cool Springs, Oct. 15 is the date for the dinner at 1726 Galleria Blvd. Go to either or both if you're so inclined. You can see details and a link to the Nashville event's menu here; for info on the Cool Springs event, go here.

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