Go Whole Hog (or Cow) with Wedge Oak Farm



I've been known to joke and quote my old bandmate Regi Wooten and say "It don't take nothin' for me to dig a hole and put a pig in the ground!" But in truth, I've never cooked any whole animal bigger than a chicken, preferring to let experts like Pat Martin do the heavy lifting for me.

Part of the problem revolves around the difficulty in sourcing the whole hog, but recently I've discovered that our friends at Wedge Oak Farm have the solution. They are offering pasture-raised pork, beef and poultry that you can buy directly from them for your tailgater, cookout or Thanksgiving blowout.

Currently they are selling:

Pasture Raised Turkeys and Chickens
Heritage Suckling Pigs
Whole and Half Hog
Whole, Half and Quarter Limousine Beef
Whole and Half Mangalitsa Pork

If you are interested in some whole animal cooking, you can email Wedge Oak at wedgeoak@gmail.com or call Karen or Anne Overton at the numbers below.

615-766-3773 Karen Overton
615-497-3434 Anne Overton

They'll be happy to work with you on product availability, pricing and delivery appointments, so go ahead and start digging that hole in the ground.

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