Chef Barlow Knocks Out the Wall at Sloco and Plans For Another James Beard Dinner



Chef Jeremy Barlow has never been afraid to get his hands a little dirty. A few weeks ago, he took up a sledgehammer and knocked out a hole in the wall at his 12South sandwich shop Sloco to create a door to the space next door that has been occupied by Fear No Art, a studio where people can go to play around with their artistic talents and take classes to improve their skills. Since the hours of the two businesses don't really overlap, it was natural for them to form a partnership to offer some extra seating for Sloco patrons and better utilize both spaces.

Now when the few bar stools at Sloco are full of diners, you no longer have to eat on the sidewalk or across the street in Sevier Park. With cooler weather coming, it will be nice to have an extra 20 seats to handle the crowds on busy days. Plus the vibe of the creative space fits in nicely with Sloco's free-wheeling philosophy toward menu creation.

But that's not the only menu that Barlow has been working on. Recently, he was invited to Blackberry Farm to participate in a summit of chefs interested in changing the traditional food service system to better encourage sustainable practices. The Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change was presented by the James Beard Foundation and sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trust. Thirteen chefs were invited to attend based on their commitment to sustainable cooking and their willingness to take action in their communities to advance a better food system.

As a result of the connections Barlow made at the Boot Camp, he was invited to come to New York and cook for this year's JBF Leadership Awards dinner on Oct. 17, where honorees will include author Wendell Berry and Kathleen Merrigan, deputy agriculture secretary. Barlow will team up with Chef Jeremy Bearman, the executive chef at Michelin-rated Rouge Tomate in New York City to prepare dinner for the winners and other dignitaries attending the awards.

To gear up for this big dinner, Barlow will be hosting two preparatory dinners, on Wednesday, Oct. 10, and Thursday, Oct. 11 at Tayst. The six-course dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. and you can get a taste of what the bigwigs will be eating for just $65 per person without wine pairings, $85 per person with wine.

Here's the menu he'll be presenting:

Edible Manhattan
cherry cake, bourbon gel, dried cherry dirt

Fish Sammie
beaten biscuit, smoked trout mousse, trout roe, herbs

Vegan Crudite

Hot Pickled Chicken Chips
pickled, spicy, crispy chicken terrine, sweet tea hot sauce

Surf & Turf
confit of TN pork shoulder, apple mussel veloute, smoked mussel relish, beets, potatoes

Tahitian Vanilla Cheese Cake
market grapes, graham crumble, peanut, concord buttermilk ice cream

Call Tayst at 615 383-1953 to hold your spot at the table.

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