TLC Show How Booze Built America to Feature Short Mountain



I don't know what it is about Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, but whenever he represents a product, I tend to believe him. Maybe it's because I've seen him swimming around in a septic tank and artificially inseminating a horse, so I figure the guy is pretty committed to his gigs. Fortunately, TLC has given him a little break from his regular regimen of his onerous tasks to host a three-part miniseries titled How Booze Built America.

The show tracks the history of alcohol in our country from the Puritans to Johnny Appleseed, who really wanted to sell hard cider, to the bootleggers who broke Prohibition. One of the stops he made along his journeys was to Woodbury, Tenn., where he dropped in on Short Mountain Distillery. Rowe visited with the three fascinating moonshiners who came up from the hollers to go legit as distillers at Short Mountain, and rumor has it that they might have knocked out a gallon of hooch during their conversation.

Some Civil War re-enactors also star in the episode to add a little bit of historical authenticity to the proceedings, so it should be an entertaining hour. The series premieres tonight at 9 and runs for three consecutive weeks in that time slot. I think that the episodes move through history from the past to the present, so I doubt that Short Mountain will be featured this week. But it's worth watching or at least setting your DVR so you can see the whole series. Congrats to our friends from Woodbury for the publicity and for keeping Rowe out of the muck for at least a couple of weeks.

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