On the Move: Luna, Bolton's, Roast Inc., Perl Catering, Randy's Famous Cheesecake



Every year or so, it's almost as if somebody blows a whistle and a whole bunch of chefs switch jobs and a passel of restaurants change locations. The conditions must be correct for mobility now, so here's the latest rash of restaurant rumors and announcements.

First off, Luna has pulled up stakes from their location on Eighth Avenue next to Captain D's in the Melrose area. According to their Facebook page, they've decided to move to a new space in Green Hills. Word on the street is that they might be moving into the Abbott Martin location where Swett's used to be. (I told you to get out a pen and paper to keep track of these moves. A map might be helpful, too ...)

Rumored to be moving into Luna's old space is the latest outpost of Bolton's Spicy Fish and Chicken. This would replace their short-lived experiment on Murfreesboro Road in the old O'Charley's building. While the Melrose dining room won't be nearly as large and comfortable as the place Bolton's left, it would sure be nice to have another hot chicken option close to downtown.

In yet another instance of what was once lost being found, Roast Inc. has opened a bricks-and-mortar location again after closing down their Trousdale location. They'll be serving their delicious coffee out of a storefront at 2108-A Eighth Ave. S. near Douglas Corner. Hmm ... Eighth Avenue seems to be the new hot spot.

Two other ventures have recently announced that they will be or have already laid down permanent roots. The first is Perl Catering, who undertook a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to open a restaurant next to Stonehouse Q. You know, that house that was supposed to be a fondue/sandwich joint called the Blue Umbrella. The Kickstarter campaign was a success, but that location fell through.

The good news is that chef/owners Robert and Elizabeth Spinelli have secured another location at 7114 Highway 70S, Suite 109 in Bellevue in the former site of Tee's Fireside Cafe. They plan to be open soon offering breakfast and lunch cafe five days per week with a retail marketplace featuring local vendors. They also plan to have a full Saturday brunch available weekly and offer the space for rental for private events. The Spinellis are aiming to open by the end of October, so best of luck to them.

The last business to move into bricks-and-mortar is Randy's Famous Cheesecake. If you've ever sampled these amazing cheesecakes at a catered event or when they sell at the Nashville Farmers' Market, you'll be as pleased as I am that Randy's now has a permanent home at 115 Stadium Drive in Hendersonville. They are open from Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. so you can pick up whole cakes, half cakes or slices of their outrageous flavors like Cookies and Cream, caramel with a chocolate swirl and Apple Cinnamon Moonshine.

Now you know what it's like to try to keep up with the fluid food scene in Nashville. The good news is that all these moves seem like very positive developments for the restaurants involved, so fire up Google Maps and go eat someplace new!

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