NSFL: The Weekly Open Thread Says, 'Eeewwwww!'



Yes, believe your eyes. And hold your nose.
  • KSL-TV
  • Yes, believe your eyes. And hold your nose.
"NSFL?," you ask.

Not safe for lunch. So if you're chowing on takeout or digging into your sack lunch, you might want to set it aside before digging into this post, as it were.

While Bites has previously addressed the issue of kids in restaurants — which joints are kid-friendly, what level of misbehavior is acceptable, etc. — we can't say we've ever pondered the possibility that something like this would happen: As reported by Salt Lake City's KSL-TV, a mother took her young twins to a Utah deli, where she proceeded to disrobe them and put them on their kiddie toilets so they could, uh, do their duty while enjoying a nice meal in a public restaurant.

Yowza! I'm getting a little nauseated just typing this, and I ate three hours ago. Anyone ever witnessed such a violation of the kids-in-restaurants behavior code?

Better yet, anyone want to change the toddler, er, I mean, subject? Whatcha got? We're all ears.

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