Vegetarian Comfort Foods Cooking Classes at The Turnip Truck



What do you think of when you think of comfort food? I tend to think of beans slow-cooked in a Crock-Pot, starchy foods like mashed potatoes and potato soup, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread. I suppose because I grew up eating those a lot and still eat them now, though minus the ham in the beans. And there’s just never a time when I won’t feel better eating a big heaping pile of mashed potatoes and/or mac-and-cheese.

But I suppose comfort food is defined by everyone differently, which is why next week’s classes at The Turnip Truck piqued my curiosity. On Thursday, Sept. 13, at 6 p.m. and again on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 10 a.m., The Turnip Truck Urban Fare (located at 321 12th Ave. S. in the Gulch) will host classes in vegetarian comfort food. But this isn’t necessarily your family's menu. But that doesn't mean these foods won't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Check out the list of dishes that are likely be featured in the classes:

...sweet potato gnocchi with herbed brown butter; fall spiced pumpkin soup with micro greens and toasted pumpkin seeds (vegan); macaroni and cheese, made with feta, parmigiano reggiano and a crunchy zucchini topping; spicy butternut squash risotto (vegan); cauliflower coconut curry (vegan); fall flatbread with apple, thyme, caramelized onion, gorgonzola, and arugula (gluten-free); tortellini soup with kale, white beans, and vegetables; vegan cheesecake with gluten-free crust; and pear ginger sorbet.

Wow. Certainly, in a couple of hours, they’re not going to get to everything, but I would love to taste — I mean, learn to make — any of those items. And the classes are free! Not just free, but you get a 10 percent discount to shop in the store after the class and a $5 gift card to use on your next visit (as they do with every class). All you have to do is register for the class in advance (email kathryn [at] But hurry; these classes are likely to fill up fast.

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