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If only Mr. Pitt had a Knork...
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  • If only Mr. Pitt had a Knork...
No, that's not the name of the newest trendy eatery; instead, those are the names of two of the newest entrants in hybrid cutlery. For years, the world of hybrid cutlery has been dominated by the spork. In existence since as early as the 19th century, the spork — in my mind — enjoys its enduring popularity largely due to KFC and prisons. Other hybrids have been tried, but not many have “stuck” around. But now, these two relatively new utensils are trying to revolutionize the way Westerners* eat and give the spork a run for its money.

First up is the Knork. The Knork is a better version of a pie fork, as it is usable both right- and left-handed and is intended for use with any food, not just a pastry. Not only does it remove the need for those awkward steps unique to the American style of eating (a holdover from Colonial days when the Brits still ate like civilized folk), but it actually provides a useful tool for anyone who doesn’t have a second hand. And it’s available in plastic; think about how this could make eating at a cocktail party so much easier! In tandem with one of those plates with the built-in stemware holder, that is.

The Knork is also available for the food-service industy. Richard Blais, of Top Chef fame, apparently uses Knorks in all of his Flip Burger Boutiques. Ostensibly, this eliminates the need to purchase and clean knives. Makes sense.

Joining the Knork in this new wave of cutlery innovation is the Chork. Created by an enterprising amateur sushi eater, the Chork is composed of two pieces that function apart at the tips as chopsticks and together as a fork on the reverse end. When it was first introduced back in the spring, it got some enthusiastic thumbs up, but I don’t see a use for it myself. At sushi restaurants, I unapologetically use my hands to eat sushi, a fork to eat everything else and for every other Asian food, I’m just all fork. I can use chopsticks almost as well as a fork, but — quite frankly — that’s not saying much. I’m a completely graceless eater thanks to a couple of old injuries. And general clumsiness.

But for those interested in adding either or both to your flatware collection, you can purchase the Knork and the Chork on their respective websites.

*Let's be real: Americans.

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