Bella Nashville: This Week's Dining Review


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In this week's Dining column in the Nashville Scene, restaurant critic Carrington Fox visits Bella Nashville, the new pizza spot at the Nashville Farmers' Market, which is distinguished by an attention to detail, seasonal ingredients and a real wood-burning pizza oven right there in the indoor Market House.

I reported on Bella Nashville back when it opened in the spring, and I was impressed by the setup that owners Emma Berkey and Dave Cuomo have created. (Chris Chamberlain wrote a First Bite on it here in May.)

Happily, Bella Nashville's tricolored pizza flag is still flying high, and Fox's review is enthusiastic. As she explains:

As the Farmers' Market attempts to invigorate the cavernous shed into a vibrant year-round destination, Bella Nashville's debut is a boon. Not only does the restaurant animate the room with the à la minute excitement of live flames, it showcases the seasonal harvest of the neighboring farm stands.

Highlights include the meat pizza, which on that day featured Benton's smoky country ham, and the unique hummus pie:

To build this Middle Eastern-flavored delight, Cuomo & Co. slather a crust with za'atar (a blend of herbs and sesame seeds), then fire the crust in the oven until it reaches the stretchy consistency of a round of naan. The warm crust is painted with hummus and topped with a medley of toasted pecans and almonds, fresh mint and chili oil.

Also not to be missed: the house-made fresh sodas and teas. Read the full review here.


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