Open Thread Salutes Roast Inc. Cold Filtered Coffee



My mother was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and a strong believer in democracy, but from time to time she would espouse her belief that benevolent dictatorship was the best form of government. Of course, it's guaranteeing the "benevolent" part that gets tricky.

Fortunately, here at Bites, we have a very benevolent dictator, Dana Kopp Franklin, who is known to bring in treats for her Bites minions. I was recently the recipient of her tireless generosity, in the form of a bottle (well, technically a half-bottle) of Roast Inc. cold-filtered coffee.

As loyal Bites readers may recall, in the spring Dana reported on Roast Inc.'s decision to close retail operations to concentrate on roasting, and also to ramp up production of a bottled cold-brew coffee. There are two varieties: black and sweet. The latter is mixed with a bit of condensed milk, for an end result akin to Vietnamese iced coffee, though (thankfully) not nearly as sweet.

Bottom line: I loved it. It's available at Whole Foods for $2.49 for a 16-ounce bottle, which by my calculations is a bit cheaper per ounce than Starbucks' greatly inferior bottled Frappuccino products. In fact, I'm surprised that with the boom in coffee culture locally and nationally, more roasters haven't gotten into the bottled cold-brew coffee market.

Anyone else tried it yet? Thoughts? What else is floating your boats these days?

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