Op-hen Thread: Get Marché's Fried Game Hen Now! Before It's Too Late!



Marchés fried game hen (click to enlarge)
Years ago I developed a bit of a reputation as a Marché-ophile, raving about how this or that dish was the greatest thing since sliced bread (and was also served with sliced bread). I backed off, for fear I'd be suspected of being a silent partner or a paid flack, but I still love the place, and feel that it rivals City House as the most consistently excellent restaurant in town.

Since I discovered the fried game hen on the July supper menu a week ago, I've ordered it twice, and it's been one of the most satisfying dishes I've ever had. It's served with field-pea succotash (with a healthy dose of fresh-off-the-cob corn) and grilled green onion, and will set you back a mere $14. It might be the best damn dinner deal in town right now. But you've got only three more chances before the door shuts on the July menu! Tonight, Saturday and Tuesday. (Marché serves only brunch on Sunday, and is closed Monday.)

Seriously folks, you won't be disappointed. And speaking of which, do you have a favorite dish in town right now? Or a recent discovery that knocked your socks off? Do tell ...

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