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I meant to write this post about a month ago, when the @shitfoodblogger Twitter account was still very funny (and accurate), but who knew that it was going to burst into flames and then emerge less-than-phoenix-like? Regardless, @shitfoodblogger started out with a bang, giving us gems such as:

"What a great morning at the farmers market!!! The vendors LOVED hearing how I was going to prepare what I bought."

"I am tying up brownies in rustic string!!! Because that is how most people eat them."


"I judge the quality of your character by the brand of cocoa powder in your pantry."

"At home depot. What kind of wood should I buy to beat with a chain so I get a rustic background?"

But this post is intended to be less about what food bloggers say and more about what many of them don't say. And that is, "How does it taste?" and "How hard was this to make?" Notable exception: Leah of So How's It Taste?, who actually formatted her blog to let readers know the vital information. I am likely guilty of this myself. When writing a blog, it can be difficult to include all the information that's pertinent to readers and instead just talk about one aspect of the recipe, such as why you chose it.

Anyway, I love food blogs (Hi, food blog friends!) and I do get inspired by them (and sites such as Pinterest, Foodgawker, and Tastespotting), but when I'm searching for a recipe that's not in my (large) collection of cookbooks, I tend to gravitate toward the recipe aggregators that have ratings and comments submitted by other cooks rather than to an unfamiliar blog. Just a Pinch Recipe Club (based in Franklin) is a great place to start, but I've also gotten a lot of mileage from, Epicurious, and I comb through the comments looking for tips and tricks as well as any indication that something was not good or too difficult to make. I've just had way too many failures in the kitchen (mostly baked goods) and don't have the time to take chances. I'm not talented enough in the kitchen to know how well something will work just by looking at the recipe.

All that said, any go-to sites for can't-miss recipes I should know about?

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