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Thanks, Bitesters for your sage advice when it came to your favorite barbecue joints and your clever captions for the Short Mountain contest.

The gods of random number generation have shined upon Fox Bros BBQ who was selected as the lucky commenter of the Wicked Good Barbecue cookbook. Fortunately, I actually know who this guy is and happened to have eaten in his restaurant in Atlanta this week. (But if you think that swayed the random number generator, then, sir, I demand satisfaction for your casting of those aspersions!)

This means that Jonathan Fox doesn't even have to contact me to send me his address so that I can forward this excellent book to him. I like simple.

For the Short Mountain contest, the winners were subjectively chosen by the folks at DrinkMusicCity.com, the sponsors of the event.

The brain trust over there selected UlikaBBQ for his caption "Fetch me my scatter gun. This bottle's dun gone and got drunk and I aim to kill it!" and Terence for this gem, "Actually, Occifer, I'm all out. Do you have any of yours left you can loan me?"

The photo in question.
  • The photo in question.
To preserve the thin veil of anonymity that we allow Bites commenters, both winners can contact DrinkMusicCity.com directly at drinkup@drinkmusiccity.com to get their names on the guest list for the release party at City House next week. But you'd better come introduce yourself to me at the party, Terence!

Thanks again to all for participating. We have a few more good contests in the works soon. In fact, DrinkMusicCity is offering another pair of tickets to whoever becomes the 1700th follower on Twitter at @drinkmusiccity. But considering that they're now at about 1,360 followers, unless they retweet a picture of Kate Middleton stepping out of a limo with her royal jewels exposed, I doubt they'll get to that many followers in time for the party.

So I'll go out on a limb and alter the contest, because they said we could give away another pair. If you follow @drinkmusiccity on Twitter and tweet "Hey @drinkmusiccity Bites sent me. Where's my damned ticket?" they'll give away another pair of tickets to at least one of you, which they will select using a complicated augury algorithm that involves setting fire to a shot of Booker's and drinking a Jello shot off a monkey's behind.

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