More on the Gluten-Free Revolution, Plus Cakes From Whole Baked Goodness


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In this month’s issue of Her Nashville — sadly, the last issue — contributor Erica Rains speaks to four experts on the gluten-free movement and gluten sensitivity in The Gluten-Free Revolution. She writes of her own experience:

My quality of life has improved beyond comprehension. In addition to decreasing the frequency and intensity of migraines by 90 percent, I’ve experienced weight loss, increased energy, the reversal of arthritis in my knees, and the elimination of fatigue, stress and depression since I’ve removed gluten from my diet. I threw away the pill bottles and picked up the food labels. It honestly changed my life.

The article also spotlights Butterbean Bakery and Bistro, a gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan restaurant in in Gallatin, as well as restaurant recommendations that include The Wild Cow (also vegetarian/vegan), Burger Up, and chain favorites Pei Wei Asian Diner and Maggiano’s Little Italy. I’d add Italia Pizza & Pasta in East Nashville to the list. Their gluten-free crust is almost good enough to give up my addiction to Papa John’s.

Funnily enough, the day after I read Erica’s article, I was in Whole Foods, where Karen McGhee, owner of Whole Baked Goodness was handing out samples of her products. I tried all three flavors of the mini bundt cakes she had — strawberry, orange-spice and chocolate with lemon glaze — and ended up taking the chocolate cake home with me after quite a bit of deliberation. The cakes are made with whole-grain (gluten-free) flours, so a single cake actually has 7 grams of protein and is loaded with thoughtful and healthy ingredients. It’s health food disguised as a treat.

Now, I’ll be honest: It’s not going to take the place of the chocolate cupcake from The Cupcake Collection in my life, but if you’re watching your gluten intake or eschew empty carbs, this is the mini cake for you.

So, I'm tempted to try being gluten-free for a little while to see if I notice any improvements like Erica did. Anyone else go GF by choice?


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