And Ya Got a Lotta Gelato



  • Kyle Dreier/Porta Via
If your mind boggled contemplating all the flavors you’d come up with after reading about the Ice Cream Crankin’ competition, I’ve got a new contest for you.

Starting tomorrow and running through June 30, Porta Via is having their “A Lotta Gelato” contest. Come up with the winning flavor to be featured at both locations and win a $50 gift card. But you better think long and hard: Only one entry per person is allowed. I’ve already got three in mind, so I’ve got to prioritize and perhaps do some market research. My chances aren’t good considering it won’t involve a peanut in any way, but I will try.

Enter the contest by emailing gelato[at]eatatportavia[dot]com or by stopping by either location, 21 White Bridge Road in Nashville or 3301 Aspen Grove Drive in Cool Springs, and filling out an entry form.

Wait. What’s gelato?

It’s like ice cream, but it’s better. It's the Italian version of ice cream. There’s some technical mumbo jumbo involved,but the important part is that gelato is denser, smoother and has a creamier mouthfeel than ice cream because there’s much less air mixed in during the churning process. This makes the flavor more intense, too. It also has a lower butterfat content, so it’s not quite as sinful as it tastes. But it ain’t diet food.

So whatever will make a good ice cream flavor will probably make an outstanding gelato. Example: pistachio ice cream? Dull, rather boring. Pistachio gelato? Heavenly. Chocolate ice cream? Frequently icy and unsatisfying. Chocolate gelato? Tastes like a cold melted chocolate bar. In a really good way.

More you should know before you enter:

Porta Via already offers the following gelato flavors on a rotating basis: blood orange, chocolate, fior di latte (sugar free), pistachio, vanilla, almond joy, candied green apple, cappuccino (sugar free), cinnamon, coffee, Donatella, double dark chocolate (dairy free), and fig & almond. Other flavors include hazelnut, lemon, rum raisin, mango, melon, Mexican vanilla, coconut, mixed berry, pink guava, tiramisu, strawberry, raspberry (sugar free), pomegranate, pineapple, peach, New York strawberry cheesecake, mint, and passion fruit cheesecake. So don’t waste your one entry by suggesting a flavor they already make, though you can incorporate any of these flavors to make a new one.

The fine print: Entrants must be at least 16 years of age. Only one entry per person is permitted; multiple entries by the same person will be disqualified. Entries are due by June 30 at 10 p.m. CST, and must be submitted via email to gelato[at]eatatportavia[dot]com or by filling out an entry form at either Porta Via location. The judges’ decision is final. The winner will receive a $50 Porta Via gift card, as well as an in-store photo display featuring their winning flavor.

Buona fortuna!

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