First Bite: Green Curry in the Arcade



Denizens of downtown now have a new option for Thai cuisine thanks to the recent opening of Green Curry in the downtown Arcade in the former location of Smoothie Connections. In my first visit, this small restaurant put out some pretty impressive dishes, although the ordering procedures were a little confusing.

There is a steam table loaded up with nice spicy curries and lunch options that can be purchased as part of a one-, two- or three-item combo along with white or fried rice and a cup of soup for $6.95-$8.95. There were also two curries that were not part of the combo and the option of ordering a wider variety of selections from the kitchen, but with at least a 20-minute wait. At the same time, there was a sign stating that some of the dishes were not available until after 1 p.m., too late for most downtown lunchers.

Hopefully, some of your Bitesters can drop by later in the afternoon or for dinner to solve the mystery of the additional items, but I can vouch that the food off the steam table was very fresh and flavorful. At my table, we sampled a spicy Gapow Chicken with peppers and diced green beans that I would definitely order again. Other intriguing chicken items included Ginger Chicken, Chicken Tamarind and a sweet Chicken Cinnamon.

The Pad Prik Pow Chicken was stir-fried with bell peppers, zucchini and onions, and was also quite tasty, as was the beef dish that a friend ordered, but whose name I unfortunately can't recall. There were also several vegetarian dishes available, but curiously, no pad Thai at lunch time.

I know plenty of folks that judge all Thai restaurants by their pad Thai, so you might want to go after 1 if that's your measuring stick. If you're not a purist, drop in and just try a few things off the buffet, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Is it the best Thai in town? I still stand by the Happy Pachyderm, but if you're looking for a quick lunch downtown or your need to pick up some peanuts or get a shoeshine in the Arcade, Green Curry is definitely worth a visit.

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