Patel Brothers Grocery Is Back and Looking Goooood!



New sign, new paint job, new excuse to buy frozen samosa.
  • New sign, new paint job, new excuse to buy frozen samosa.
Patel Brothers, the Indian grocery that's long been a staple of the Nolensville Pike food scene (4043 Nolensville Pike, 833-1555), has returned from its brief hiatus and is looking great! They took over the adjacent retail space, knocked down the wall and more or less redid the entire interior. They also repainted the exterior and bought a new sign! While it does seem a little weird to be so excited about a grocery sign, I firmly believe that this is exactly what the block needs.

Hell, it's exactly what my neighborhood needs. Kroger has abandoned the strip, K-Mart is slowly crumbling, the spot that V&V Market occupied for like three weeks is basically just a repository for litter and weeds and that liquor store next to Popeye's is so shady even I won't go in there.

While I do love the scrappy and unpolished character of the neighborhood, I'd prefer that it wasn't completely populated by empty big boxes and half-abandoned strip malls. Of course, I tend to despise big boxes and strip malls even when there are businesses in them, but you know what I'm talking about. Oh, and there's nothing worse than having to go to Walmart to buy basic food stuffs. That place is the most annoying spot to buy food, especially if you only need, say, a gallon of milk or a head of garlic.

Anyway, I'm very happy that Patel Brothers have made the investment to remodel and expand. The produce section is bigger, the aisles more spacious, and the options for getting some serious grub on expanded. Their frozen food section is also bigger, and that means more frozen samosa options! And for those unaware, frozen samosa is one of the best options ever for those fuck-it-I-don't-really-want-cook nights. But ya, Patel Brothers is back, and it's a really good thing, so stop by and give them a hearty "Hoy Hoy!" for me, cuz who doesn't love a Little Feat rarities reference.

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