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Once in a while, I leave a restaurant inspired to try to re-create something delicious in my own kitchen. For example, a visit to The Silly Goose several months ago prompted me to make arugula-walnut pesto with fantastic results.

More recently, I had a very tasty spring onion, goat cheese and thyme quiche from Foxy Baking Co.. Simple, but delicious. So delicious that I kept wanting more. And I thought, "I can do this," despite having previously failed (twice!) at making quiche.

I put past failures out of my mind, found a highly rated recipe and got cooking. I subbed garlic scapes I found at the West Nashville Farmers Market for the spring onion and used a frozen crust to make it a little easier on myself, but otherwise did not deviate from the recipe.

Two hours later, I had a third failure. It took twice as long to cook than the recipe indicated, and the pie was still not very firm and definitely too eggy. The bottom crust was soggy from too much milk. So, I give up. Quiche is now officially on the list of things I will not prepare at home. Quiche has some great company on this list, which includes:

- Indian foods (all of them)
- Thai foods (most of them)
- Bread (other than no-knead breads)
- Macaroni and cheese

These are foods that other people can prepare much better and more efficiently than I can. Luckily, I can get a great quiche from Foxy just about any time I want. Katy sets up 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays at the West Nashville Farmers Market on Charlotte Avenue at 46th (in Richland Park) and has a store at 707 Porter Road in East Nashville (check the Foxy Baking Co. Facebook page for hours). You can also keep up via Twitter. Katy's pies and other treats are also fantastic. I highly recommend the shaker lemon pie and the chocolate pie with polenta crust. It's all delicious.

Foxy Baking Co.
707 Porter Road in East Nashville
(615) 260-6457

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