Open Thread, Meatloaf Edition: Why I Love the Family Wash, Reason VII



Note the caramelized heaven on top. I was lucky enough to get the end piece. It pays to be a regular.
  • Note the caramelized heaven on top. I was lucky enough to get the end piece. It pays to be a regular.
I hold this truth to be self-evident: All men are indeed created equal, but all meatloaf is not.

In fact, the Family Wash's meatloaf is endowed by its creators (owner Jamie Rubin and staff) with certain unalienable qualities, that among these are grandeur, fabulousness and deliciosity.

OK, enough historical allusion. Simply put, the Family Wash meatloaf is fo' shizzle, phat, off the hook ... uh, da bomb! Is that what the kids are saying these days?

Consider this: My girlfriend absolutely refuses to eat any ground beef, turkey or sausage product (burgers, sausage, you name it) — except for the Family Wash meatloaf. I was eating it one day, and it smelled so good she couldn't resist a taste. Next thing you know, she's ordering it!

I know when people think Family Wash, they automatically think "shepherd's pie." And I'm not knocking the pies. I still eat them from time to time. But in my book, the loaf of meat has surpassed the pie, like a bat out of hell. (Zing!) Though I wasn't given the recipe, I was told a few of the not-so-secret ingredients. First, in addition to beef, there is ground pork. (Yum!) There is also a healthy dose of white onion.

But the real key may be the double whammy of ground Ritz crackers and ketchup. These two seemingly prosaic foodstuffs impart a delightfully sweet magic glow to the proceedings, particularly when the ketchup caramelizes on top. If the Wash's shepherd's pie is comfort food, the meatloaf is a gustatory massage. Rubin gives credit for the recipe to former Wash kitchen head Greg O'Loughlin, who has since embarked on a career in education, but still fills in from time to time.

Try it. You'll like it. In fact, go check it out tonight, and enjoy the fabulous Bill Lloyd!

Speaking of which, what are some of the hidden classics you've found around town? Ordinary-sounding menu items that are anything but? And who's holding on to a killer meatloaf recipe? Care to speculate on the other 6 reasons I love the Family Wash? Any other food-related news? Gossip? Scandals? Unsubstantiated rumors that you'd like to post anonymously, to further degrade the great global conversation?

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