Au Revoir, Bitesters



Hey good morning, and happy Tuesday. Do you have a second? Grab some coffee and have a seat.

After almost four wonderful years here on Bites — four years of discoveries and laughs, of hard times, of rallying around our local restaurants, of cooking alongside you and eating with you, if only virtually — four years and almost exactly 1,000 blog posts, today is my final regular post for Bites.

Technically, it's a just a sabbatical, but it was still a hard decision to make. I love it here, and I feel safe and at home. The Scene and I go back more than 20 years, and in every way, it's my literary alma mater, and you, the readers, are my most precious responsibility.

And it's just fun. Cooking and dining are communal activities, and a pleasure not shared is a pleasure not fully experienced. I love hearing about your marvelous home cooking, your experiments, your fantastic dining experiences and your disappointments. I love the rush of adrenalin and the pit in my stomach when there's breaking news to report. And — not aging gracefully — I savor every sweet drop of beating the competition on a story, a relic of my days in daily journalism.

While I've been penning these posts, I was also attending radiologic tech school, and I now work as a mammographer and clinician. Writing is still my vocation, but writing to make a living has become so very hard, and mine is a two-writer household. You can work out the economics there.

Medicine comes pretty naturally to me — I come from a family of nurses and anesthetists. I love my clinic, and I cherish patients almost as much as I cherish Bites readers. I always ask what they're making for dinner, and where they're going for lunch. They must find it charmingly eccentric; I hope so. I expect they prefer it to discussing breasts.

That alone isn't enough to make me leave this place. I continue to edit cookbooks, and that workload is increasing. I'll also be writing one day a week at Relish magazine, where I hope you'll join me, or at least pop in to see what's up. I've worked on the Relish books and articles for several years, and I can tell you, from one foodist to another, the food is great.

Like I said, this is technically a sabbatical, and if history is any indicator, the odds are I'll be back some day. The Scene and I are like friends with benefits: We fall into bed about once a decade. I recently dug out a cover story I wrote for the Scene 12 years ago, the last time we had an assignation, which was a 12 years after my short gig as the first restaurant reviewer.

Thank you for your patience, your excellent intel, your tips, your good words, your candid critiques, and mostly, thank you for coming back to Bites over and over. I know I'll be doing the same. See you on the boards.

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