F. Scott's and Other BFFs at Weekly Open Thread



Pan-seared halibut
In this week's Dining column, Carrington Fox revisits one of most venerable fine-dining restaurants in town: F. Scott's Restaurant and Jazz Bar.

The Green Hills grande dame has been around forever, or as Carrington puts it, it's been "a dining landmark in Nashville for the last quarter-century."

Chef Kevin Ramquist has just introduced his spring menu, and that, along with F. Scott's milestone birthday, prompted her to stop by for a dinner she pronounced memorable.

A series of beautiful, colorful plates landed on the table, often shattering our expectation of what the item, as described in simplest terms on the menu, might look like. For example, salad of watercress and duck confit was strewn down the length of a narrow rectangle, with plump al dente peas dotted across the bed like a playful ellipsis and buttery hunks of rich meat camouflaged among greenery tinged with cactus-pear vinaigrette. At first glance, it resembled an elaborate tray of sushi. Perhaps the singular most memorable bite of the evening was a shard of duck cracklin' hidden among the greens. The unctuous, deep-fried skin shattered with a salty satisfaction that would make a plain-old crouton cringe with shame.

How was your week, Bites Nation? Reconnect with any longtime restaurant faves? Did you eat anything utterly unctuous? What does your weekend hold? Share questions and tips and tender springtime tendrils of thought at the Weekly Open Thread.

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