12 South Farmers Market Detonates Produce Explosion Today in Sevier Park



If the tomatoes are turning, if the radishes are ruddy, if the squash are sultry, if the lettuce is luscious, if the sausage is sagacious and the rutabagas ruthless in their readiness and irresistibility, one thing is certain: we really shouldn't have eaten those olives we found in that jar way back in the fridge. We generally take expiration dates more as suggestion than science, but who knows? Maybe the picture of Buford Ellington should've been a tip-off. Anyway, the olives had kind of a weird viscous smoky taste. You know, a little like bacon. Or feet.

Anyway, as we try to remember those three numbers you call in the event of medical emergency, we hope we make it to this evening's 12 South Farmers Market, revving up another successful year in Sevier Park today from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. That gives you plenty of time to stuff your pockets with broccoli rabe before tonight's sold-out Jack White shindig at the Ryman, and maybe even order a sandwich from The Grilled Cheeserie, a Doc Braden Creole-seafood tart or one of Riffs Fine Street Food's award-winning Caribbean creations.

There'll be dairy farmers, meat purveyors, makers of artisanal breads, and vendors of everything from herb-infused lemonade and vegan snacks to candies, pies and cheese — not to mention the first flowerings of what's looming as a spectacular summer for vegetables. Stop by also for live music from The Human Revolution, led by a troubadour who bills himself simply as Human. (We confess we were even more excited early on, but then we realized we'd misread his name as Hunan.)

For a full list of vendors, click here.

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