Finally! The Hotly Anticipated Barista Parlor Is Open Today!



Andy Mumma, in front of his cold-brew towers
  • Andy Mumma, in front of his cold-brew towers
The buzz around the anticipated opening of East Nashville coffeehouse Barista Parlor has been significant, to say the least. I've been to a couple of soft openings, and suffice to say the excitement is well-deserved. Proprietor Andy Mumma has pulled out all the stops, from fabulous decor, artwork and most importantly, some of the finest coffee products (and chocolates) money can buy. Barista seems destined to join Crema as a true destination coffeehouse.

And as of today, it's officially open! Hours are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Dana Franklin first reported on Barista back in November in The City Paper and Nashville Post, and then spoke with Mumma last month for more details. The part about Porter Road Butcher (the best thing to happen to Gallatin Road in years) really caught my eye:

Meanwhile, Mumma is working with another neighbor, Porter Road Butcher, to create gourmet snacks to serve with the coffee.

Barista Parlor will serve breakfast every morning, and the chefs from Porter Road, Chris Carter and James Peisker, will provide seasonal casseroles and breakfast sandwiches. Mumma also plans to offer a selection of single-source chocolate bars from around the world.

As for the coffee, there won’t be any lukewarm urns sitting around. All the java will be prepared fresh by the cup. For regular coffee, methods include Chemex and a siphon pot. But when it comes to espresso, it’s all about the Slayer.

Slayer Espresso machines, which can check in at around $18,000, are built by hand in Seattle by a coffee roaster and technician named Jason Prefontaine. There are only a couple dozen in the United States.

Mumma said a new twist he’s added to the brewing is that he’s installed an advanced filtration system that allows him to dial in the precise percentage of minerals to be left in the water. He says that allows the best results in extracting the flavors from the espresso.

Mumma tells Bites that the Porter Road Butcher component of Barista's offerings probably won't be in place till next week. Stay tuned.

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