Strawberry Festival and More at the Open Thread



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Besides the Tennessee strawberries, the best thing about the Strawberry Festival at Produce Place on Saturday is trying all the products brought by vendors.

Last year I discovered Chilly Pops and Ousley Ouch Salsa.

This year you can try Geadello's pizza (made by one hard-workin' man on Trousdale Lane!), Macro Baby Food, Delta Blues Tea Punch, Hygen8 water, Doc Braden's Seafood Pies. There've got to be at least a few in there you know you want to try.

Oh, and those strawberries. They're so good this year — and bountiful, too, with no late frost, no drought and no flood to spoil their growing season. Just sweet little Tennessee strawberries. Have you bought any yet?

So that's your Saturday morning, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., then you can go to your farmers' market of choice. But what's going on the rest of the weekend, foodwise?

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