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A March Bites post by Timothy Davis on tipping here on Bites, was just the latest time we've dipped our toes into that deep, turbulent pool.

Such a personal thing, tipping. Such a long process, with so many factors, so much agonizing, weighing, judging and being judged. No wonder things go off the rails sometimes.

From Huffington Post Food, for your Friday fun, some crazy tipping stories.

And for dessert, a bonbon of a tip story from about a tip from someone you'd least expect to leave it

By James Mulcahy
This week, in honor of all of our finance-related coverage, we shared some crazy tipping stories from the front-lines of the service industry. Our readers did not hesitate to chime in with their own tales of unusual tips, and one of them left in the comments really struck our fancy. It's a service industry truism that the best tips are usually left when you least expect it, and that certainly was the case in this story, left by one of our commenters. If you have any more tip tales to share, let us know in the comments!

"I was working at an expensive Midtown Manhattan restaurant. One night I had as a guest a controversial public figure. My manager came over to me and said, 'That man gets nothing for free from us', and I couldn't have agreed more. He had a great time, he ordered a middle course of white truffle and scallops, and a bottle of very expensive wine. His total bill came out to around $2,000.

He signed the check, complimented me on the food and service, and left. I looked at the tip line, and it read $4000. I knew it wasn't a mistake because he wrote it twice, with a 'Thanks!' written next to it. I was in utter shock, because that man was Rush Limbaugh."

What tip do you have for the Open Thread this week? What tips do you hear?

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