Iron Fork 2012: We Want the Fork! Gotta Have That Fork!


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If you missed last night's Iron Fork 2012, you missed five of Nashville's best chefs — Merchants' Jason Brumm, Silly Goose's Roderick Bailey, Saffire's Vinny Tardo, Nashville Farmer's Market's Laura Wilson, and Bound'ry's Michael Kidd — showing off their culinary creativity before a buzzing crowd. But there's only one Fork, and it went home with the one who brung it: Laura Wilson, last year's winner, who won in a field so loaded with talent that only a sliver separated the top contenders.

More details to come later today — including the identity of that devilish mystery ingredient. In the meantime, many thanks to all the participating chefs, to everyone who came out, to the many vendors who showed Fork-worthy skills at all the tasting stations, to US Foods for the impressively stocked pantry, and to Christy Bryan and her redoubtable Scene team for throwing such a great event. And thanks to Carrington Fox, who between her quick wit and slinky black dress managed to distract people from that other idiot with the mike.


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