Labor of Love Philly Steaks — An Update



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After a few panicky days of worry over whether Labor of Love truck will operate again, Bites learned today that the L.O.L. folks are moving on to other options, but licensing their recipe and suppliers to any food truck that wants to serve L.O.L.'s signature sandwich.

Since L.O.L Foods was voted Best Philly Steak in Nashville TN, We have been getting a lot of requests for our food truck to be in multiple places at one time! Unfortunately, we are unable to clone ourselves at this but we do have a great solution! The owners of L.O.L. Foods are taking on a new direction. Instead of getting a 'brick and mortar", we decided to license our name to any food truck or restaurant owners looking to build their clientele with loyal customers and increase there revenue stream tremendously! Our reputation speaks for itself, we are Philly Natives that will give you the genuine recipe that you deserve! The best thing is that it's a royalty free license agreement. That's right, royalty free; there will only be a one time flat rate which includes our Amorosso roll connection, signature recipe, training on perfecting the craft and steady customers in all areas of TN.

The owners have other opportunities and simply do not have the time to continue operating but the ground work is done and the customers will come! By simply adding L.O.L'S mouth watering steak sandwiches and homemade "Italian Water Ice" to your menu, you will reap many benefits! If your a Music venue owner, food truck owner or new restaurant looking to increase customer base, Drop us an email if you want more information or would like to be a part of our success!

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