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Arnolds Friday barbecue beef special. With corn puddin and green beans
  • Photo by a really bad photographer who shall remain nameless
  • Arnold's Friday barbecue beef special. With corn puddin' and green beans
I had Soy Bistro on my mind last Friday when I asked City Paper editor Steve Cavendish to go to lunch, but I begrudgingly gave in to his suggestion that we head to Arnold's Country Kitchen instead. Don't get me wrong — I love Arnold's — but Korean tacos were callin' my name.

Nonetheless, he convinced me that the Friday special would knock my socks off. So we grabbed Arnold's aficionado Mr. Pink and headed out the door toward Eighth Avenue South.

And Steve was right. On Fridays, Arnold's is serving up a barbecue beef dish that is all kinds of fabulous. The shredded beef — in a slightly tangy, slightly sweet sauce — is ladled on top of a jalapeño grit cake, then topped with a smoked gouda sauce. Unanimous moans of ecstasy all around. (Pinkie only had a taste — he ordered the catfish, which quite frankly was some of the best I've had. Arnold's knows how to push salt to the very edge of almost too salty without crossing the line. Usually.)

I called Arnold's to ask how long the special has been going on. The response: "For a while now." Hope that bit of information is enlightening.

Seriously folks, if you go to Arnold's on a Friday, don't miss the barbecue beef special!

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