Good, Green and Aromatic at Herb Society Sale



Borage, you sure are purdy.
  • Borage, you sure are purdy.
Winter was so mild this year that plenty of the herbs in beds and boxes survived, and all that's needed is plugging the holes with annual herbs. And maybe try some new varieties, or take the plunge and get something completely foreign. (I'm thinking about growing borage again for its blue, cucumber-flavored flowers.)

The Herb Society of Nashville's annual herb sale this Saturday lets you pursue this in extravagant fashion — you can hardly imagine an herb they don't offer, including those of dubious culinary purpose (lookin' at you, yarrow and rue).

The popular herbs have especially deep benches: There will be 14 varieties of thyme, 13 basils and 11 sages, says the society. See a complete list of the plants for sale here.

The sale begins at 9 a.m. and continues until 2 p.m. If you're looking for something specific or unusual, arriving early is a good idea. There are lots of plants, but things do sell out. The line begins forming at 8 or earlier.

This year, there's a $5 parking fee to raise money for Save the Fairgrounds, so carpool if you're cheap. Take a box or crate if you can to carry your treasure. Leave your pet at home, and no carts please.

A few non-herbs will also be available, including tiarella, impatiens, salvia and roses. The Compost Man will be there — strike a deal with him for a couple hundred pounds of black gold and expect your best garden yet.

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