Soulshine Pizza To Open in Midtown



Midtown's next transplant is Soulshine Pizza, a hometown favorite in Oxford and Jackson, Miss., taking over the Hollywood Disco space on Division, nears Losers Bar and across from Chuy's.

Voted best pizza in Mississippi five years in a row, Soulshine is staking out a Nashville location as its only outpost beyond Mississippi so far. The name is taken from an Allman Brothers song.

Founder Chris Sartin is an Allmans' superfan, and he's partnering with local restaurant owner what Dave Wachtel Jr. for the operation.

The former disco space — about 9,000 square feet — is undergoing an extensive makeover that will take months and result in a Greenlight energy-efficient building. "The ugly building stays, but the facade is coming off," Wachtel told me. "I considered tearing down, but we can make it work."

Staff will be hired locally, with a few going to Mississippi for a month of training. A Soulshine veteran will be managing the kitchen.

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