New Which Wich in Green Hills Has the Wish-Granting 'Freestyle' Soft Drink Machine


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Greenhillians, put the quietus on your envy of West Meade, 100 Oaks and Hermitage: Now you too have your own magical fountain drink machine, aka the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser.

The latest outpost of the Which Wich sandwich chain, newly open on Richard Jones Road, has the magical computerized drink machine that can dispense Sprite with Grape, Caffeine-Free Coke with Vanilla, Fanta Zero Lime, Minute Maid Orange Lemonade, Diet Barq's Vanilla, or 95 other single choices. Or a vile but hopeful combination of any and all.

(Alas, sad news for aficionados of a certain nostalgic diet cola in a rosy pink can: No Tab.)

But here's a bonus: The new Which Wich bids fair to be the best inexpensive lunch in Green Hills. The $5.25 Cuban sandwich can't replace the late Christina's Chinese Kitchen or Baja Fresh, but it has far more personality than the similarly priced Blimpies, which also closed.


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