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Dolsot bibimbap at Glorias
In this week's Dining column, Carrington Fox gleefully grazes on the sunny side. Her entire column is devoted to delirious examples of the culinary trend called Putting an Egg on Top.

We quote the Fox concerning this exaltation of the divine fruit of henhouse plunder:

With the dialog about local and sustainable food reaching a fever pitch, the elegant oval of the backyard-hen egg is emerging as a crystalline (or should we say calcareous?) symbol of a simplified food supply. As such, it is hatching a new wave of egg-laden specialties, from the Royale Steakburger at Steak 'n Shake to the fried quail egg atop a patty of pulled pig's feet with gribiche sauce that chef Clay Greenberg is planning for the menu at his upcoming Silo restaurant.

When Marché recently plated a soft-poached egg on a nest of greens at a fundraiser for Urban Chicken Advocates of Nashville, the UCAN folks, not surprisingly, provided their own brown- and blue-shelled ingredients. But Nashvillians without coops in the garden can find sustainably raised eggs from a number of local sources, including Avalon Acres, Bugtussle Organic, Willow Farm and McDonald Farm, to name a few. More and more, the names of such nearby farms are appearing on Nashville's menus, as chefs clamor to showcase the local components of their egg-topped dishes.

Putting an Egg on Top is a trend we love, though one we are trying to love in moderation. After all, such efforts to gild the lily, no matter how locally, risk contradicting that all-important theme gaining momentum alongside the local food movement: Less is More.

Read the column to get Carrington's take on these favored egg-topped delicacies:

Tuck's Special, Edley's Bar-B-Que
Pad kra pao, Smiling Elephant
The Farm Burger, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden
dolsot bibimbap, Gloria's Kitchen
Creamed spinach, Kayne Prime
Basil chicken Thai style, Thai Kitchen.

How about you, Bites Nation. Do you like yolky golden goodness atop your entrees? Or is that an abomination? Any other food-related controversies you'd like to chew on? Speak up.

This is the Open Thread. Come out of your shells.

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