King Market Rules at Weekly Open Thread



In this week's dining review, Carrington Fox visits King Market, the hybrid grocery-store-and-eatery on Antioch Pike.

If you haven't checked out Sunnee Saysack's enterprise (they also sell gold jewelry, in case you're in the market for some bling), you owe it to yourself to head out there for some transcendentally good Southeast Asian fare.

Carrington found herself bowled over by a surprising delicacy: fish maw stew, studded with hard-boiled quail eggs and strips of fish stomach — actually the gas bladder the fish uses to control buoyancy. Even Saysack's daughter Nina, who manages the restaurant, admits that the fish guts are a little slimy.

"Slimy, yes, but also fabulous," Carrington writes."The silky smooth and slightly thickened broth is strewn with pulled chicken, dark threads of julienned mushrooms, finely minced garlic, bamboo strips and firm quail eggs, which burst like grape tomatoes. To dub such a delicacy 'fish stomach soup' is to undersell its richly textured and deeply flavored medley of earth, sea and sky."

How has your week been, Bitesters? Any delicious surprises? Thoughts, questions or musings? This is the perfect forum for spilling your guts.

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