'The Gents a’ Gourmet' — Memory of 1960s Nashville Cooking Show Turns Up in NPT Archives


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An amusing, somewhat mysterious nugget of Nashville culinary television lore appears on the blog of our local public television outlet, WNPT-Channel 8.

NPT's media manager, Joe Pagetta, shares something staff found while sifting the archives to prepare for the station's 50th anniversary.

It's a press release for The Gents a’ Gourmet, a show that apparently aired in 1968 and had a thing for kooky punctuation. No tapes exist to provide evidence, but the release explains it's a cooking show for men. Swinging men, it appears, with recipe categories like "Stag Dinners," "Meals After Midnight" and "Afterglow."

Pagetta finds the show, which appears to have aired in 1968, reminiscent of the Mad Men phenomenon, and he headlines the blog post "How Don Draper Learned To Cook." He also includes a scan of the two-page press release, which is a hoot.

In those days the station sported the call letters WDCN, resided at Channel 2 on the broadcast dial, and apparently had a relationship with Nashville Gas. The hostess of the show was "Miss Lalah Gee, home service director for the Nashville Gas Company." The press release said she would be assisted on two of the episodes by "Home Economist, Mrs. Anne Faris." Two other episodes would feature the male point of view, hosted by a gent: "Taylor Holland, director of sales and marketing, is to demonstrate the male art of outdoor cooking."

As an amateur foodie historian, I ask you, Bites Nation (those of you who are Nashville natives and over the age of 45), does anybody remember this show? Was it really as ring-a-ding-ding as it sounds? And finally, am I the only gal who might succumb to a bachelor who cooked a sweet skillet of bananas Foster?


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