Crema Wants to Raise Your Coffee IQ



Crema downtown has always been a great place to experiment with and learn about exotic coffees and roasts and to experience unique brewing methods. In fact, a recent visit with the chefs from The Catbird Seat taught me a new appreciation of how the process of brewing coffee can affect the aromas and subtle tastes of more esoteric beans. Admittedly, much of it was lost on my Keurig and Cremora drinking palate, but when I saw these amazing chefs going through a cupping I began to recognize exactly how much I don't know about coffee.

If you're a coffee enthusiast, but not a Portlandia-level java snob, Crema has a new program that might just be right up your alley. Within the space of their newly-expanded shop, they have created the CREMA {Slow Bar} (that's the typography they use). It's "a place to honor and explore coffee, a venue to curate and share our passion for coffee’s abundant nuances and varieties."

They seek to offer the opportunity to explore the nuances of coffee in a deeper fashion, and with the input of some of their master baristas to help guide the investigation.

This by-reservation experience will allow six patrons the unique experience to enjoy four different brews and small food pairings chosen at the whim of the barista. According to their entertaining blog, the staff "will guide you through an experience like no other, exploring and explaining different coffees, brew methods and even food pairings."

"The Barista has complete freedom to do almost anything; join them as they create, explore and journey through the intriguing finer points of coffee’s tasting profiles, volatile production, cultural, ritual and culinary disparities. They will expound on details such as growth and harvesting, roasting, and other factors which determine what you ultimately encounter in the cup. The menu is predetermined, and the details will change along with their whims and the seasonality of our coffees."

Each session will cost $35, and the first class kicks off this Friday, March 2, at 4 p.m. For more information or to sign up for any of the three scheduled classes, visit the Crema website.

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