Bento Box Workshop, For Mom, For Dad, For Junior, FTW!



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Foodist parent looking for parent-child activities, this one's for you. The Grow Local Kitchen is offering a bento lunch workshop this Saturday, March 3, at the Nashville Farmer's Market.

Bento boxes, a Japanese style of packing food, have gotten a lot of blog attention in the past few years. Airandangels had a good guide. Lunchinabox has a great bento FAQ.

Bento provides an aesthetic approach to lunch, emphasizing appearance and appeal as well as taste and nutrition. They're good for picky eaters, children, people who don't like leftovers, and folks who don't like for their foods to touch.

Here's the blurb from chef Laura Wilson.

Learn the Japanese art of packing a bento lunch. Bento, or obento, means box, but they are also an expression of creativity and love. Learn cutting techniques, character ideas and recipes. Bentos are a great way to pack healthful, beautiful and delicious lunches for your self and your family. This class in an intro to bento and will focus on both children's and adults' meals. Some bento supplies will be available for purchase. Bento snacks will be served.

I've never seen a bento class on offer before, and at $25 per adult, $5 per child under 12 (payable at the door) it's a bargain as well as a terrific parent-child activity. To register, go here and scroll down to click the link.

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