Sam's Clears the Air, Labor of Love Finding Solid Ground at Weekly Open Thread



Leap Day is coming up on Wednesday — such a quirky little day. A brother-in-law was born on Leap Day, meaning this year, he'll turn 11.

On Leap Day, a popular Hillsboro Village hangout is making the change to a smoke-free environment. Sam's Sports Grill will become a non-smoking venue beginning Feb. 29. The bar said it was responding to the wishes of a majority of it customers.

Open Thread breathes a sigh of relief that Labor of Love Mobile Food, (Twitter:@lolfoods), which had dropped out of sight for a couple of weeks, was busy working on details of a bricks and mortar location. We love those cheesesteaks. They promise to let us know when the deal is set.

The wait is on until we hear where, but general expressions of happiness!

And Our Kids Soup Sunday this weekend, and Yelp Drinks! Week starts Monday. It's not business as usual during Leap Week. It's just not.

And hey, I had a very crappy meal this week. And I want to cook a goat. What about you? Open Thread is open for the good, the bad and the quirky.

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