Koi Sushi & Thai: This Week's Dining Review



The Cherry Blossom Roll at Koi on Franklin Road.
In this week's dining review, Carrington Fox checks out Koi Sushi & Thai on Franklin Road in the Melrose neighborhood. It's the sister restaurant to the original Koi, off Columbia Pike in Franklin. It's owned by restaurateur Hang Bui and her family. Read the full review here.

An interesting aspect of Koi is that the restaurant has three specialties: sushi, Thai curries and Vietnamese pho, "a point that will make the eatery a convenient middle ground for dining groups with varying levels of seafood-friendliness and raw-readiness," Carrington says. Reminds me of Bites' earlier discussion of finding a convenient restaurant to suit all the co-workers at lunch.

Carrington also praises the vast, colorful array of sushi rolls depicted in photographs on the menu:

Rather than agonize over the options, you might as well close your eyes and point to a page, because without exception all our selections were beautifully constructed and arranged, with noticeably fresh ingredients in thoughtful balance of warm and cool, creamy and crisp, savory and sweet.

Wow, the close-your-eyes-and-point method is intriguing. Bites Nation, do you have any tricks for picking out the best stuff on a menu?

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