Cookstr and Foodie: Two Food Websites I'm Kind of Loving



I often use the website, formerly known as recipezaar, because the 425,000 recipes there guarantee you'll find one for mock duck curry, tofu-skin sushi or a Greek recipe for squid. But cookstr offers a different dimension: recipes from actual cookbooks. Vetted, edited and polished, these are recipes you can count on. Founded by editors from Hyperion and Workman (the publishing company that brought you The Silver Palate), the group launched a couple of years ago, so I'm a little late to the party.

But I can recommend the fantastic search function, which allows you to sort choices by nutrition, ease of prep, course, cuisine, season and so much more.

Meanwhile, the idea behind is reminding me a little of Chowhound: recipes, travel, dining and reviews.

foodiedotcom.jpg is pretty new and is in beta right now, so it's a little bit skeletal. They have big plans, though, according to their press release, including reviews and crowd-sourced rankings of restaurants.

To sign up, you must provide Twitter or Facebook info, because the point of is to combine food and social. It also wants you to follow some other chefs and bloggers, which I didn't want to do. To repeat, though: It's in beta, so a lot could still happen.

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