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Once again, Valentine's Day sneaks up and catches Bites deeply unprepared and completely involved in other restaurant concerns.

Foxy Baking Company opened in its new bricks-and-mortar location on Porter Road. Couple of rich homemade brownies might goes a long way toward setting a romantic tone on Tuesday.

Bravo Gelato has settled on a couple of Valentine flavors: Kiss, Amaretto, Mimosa, Chocolate Pear, and Dark Chocolate. And they're taking requests, which is one thing I love about Bravo. Dark chocolate-orange-marshamllow, please! The right name for it is "Foreplay."

First Harvest Cafe is today! Twelve bucks gets a good lunch and Second Harvest gets a little donation. This week came the announcement that they'll be serving an express lunch on Wednesdays. Details to come, but definitely good news for MetroCenter workers.

Bathtub Gin, innovators of spoonable admixtures too fine and varied to call "jam," are bringing four new flavors to Porter Road Butcher/Bloomy Rind on Saturday. From 10 a.m. ton 1 p.m. Feb. 11, Amy and/or Erin will be sampling the new marmalade flavors: London Pink Gin, Manhattan Red, French 75 and Chair Cordial Blueberry Apricot. On cheese, in cocktails, saucing roast meat, perching atop a scone ...

Noted in passing, the creator of Atomic Fireballs and Lemonheads Nello Ferrara has died at 93.

And are you a food blogger? Take this food blogging survey — I'm curious about the answers, and will follow up on this one later.

Gonna try a new place this weekend, make an involved Chinese pork roast, and bake something chocolate — what about you?

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