People on Radio Praise Sylvan Park Restaurant, Make Dumb Generalizations About the South



What are these truck-like things with food in them? Were SO CONFUSED.
On the "Road Food" segment of this week's episode of The Splendid Table, Jane Stern said something ... curious. "The South," she began, "is truly the only remaining part of America that has a hot lunch. It has, like, a sit-down hot lunch."

Uh ... OK. So, "the South" — defined this broadly — has a hot lunch, unlike every other part of the country, where no one eats a hot lunch or sits down for lunch. Got it. Someone alert Olive Garden! Seriously, this is such a dumb thing to say, I don't think it needs further commentary. But Stern can't stop herself from getting all amateur anthropologist, and this is where it goes from plain old dumb to one moon colony shy of a picnic:

Southerners are not sandwich-grabbers, they're not eat-on-the-run people the way New Yorkers are, they're not food truck people. They sit down like civilized ladies and gentlemen, and they order a piece of ham, a piece of fried chicken, an oxtail — whatever the meat of the day is — and their three favorite sides, with a little cornbread and a little yeast roll and a glass of sweet tea.

Aw, eat a lunch of little foods with simple folk who are never in a hurry and haven't changed since 1970. I think what bugged me about this was that she could have said the second part without saying the first part. Yes, you can go to a meat-and-three for lunch in the South. But it's not the only lunch there is. You can also have a sandwich, or even have Thai ... from a food truck. We have food trucks! Fancy that!

Hear the segment for yourself below. Spoiler alert: They really like Sylvan Park Restaurant.

Oh, and someone please tell the Sterns that Mayor Dean's not related to Paula (you know, just in case).

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