House-Made Potato Chip Crunch Match



Loaded potato chips at Yolos
  • Loaded potato chips at Yolos
The trend toward house-made potato chips gets my vote. Whether they're cooked crisp or still slightly chewy, the deep browning gives an extra layer of flavor, with plenty of hefty crunch. Each batch seems to have a couple of thicker-cut chips that still have some chew to them toward the center, which is a whole other pleasure.

Cut thin and properly cooked, they're great plain, as served to a lunch group recently at Fleet Street, a reminder of how good potato chips can be. Maybe a bit of seasoning — the truffled potato chips at Cha Chah are just the thing with a cocktail. And they're also great jazzed up, as served to a dinner crowd at Yolos. Dolloped with with sour cream and sprinkled with bacon, green onions and blue cheese, these chips rose to the level of appetizer rather than snack.

Homemade potato chips are so innately good that it's hard to pinpoint the best in town. But let's try — where have you had some incredible homemade chips?

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