Phizzy and Phun Pharmacy Phosphates



Just last August, Bites was rhapsodizing at finding a source for acid phosphate to make a phosphate, a soda fountain drink developed in the 19th century. It's tart but not citrusy, zingy but not tingly, and very gently sour.

Phosphates, a whole menu of them, are among the culinary innovations at Pharmacy Burger and Beer Garden. House-made syrups are combined with phosphated soda for a barely carbonated drink with a little edge.

The chocolate phosphate ($2.50) delivers pure cocoa flavor without the heaviness of dairy chocolate milk. The Rickey ($3.50) combines a luscious house-made maraschino cherry syrup with a tangy bit of lemon syrup, conveyed in phosphated soda. With a touch of fizz and sour, it was a perfect alternative to beer for the designated driver.

The other lovable trait of a phosphate is the low carbonation levels are more pleasant than fizz-filled commercial soft drinks. In fact, I shake commercial soft drinks and let them settle to eliminate some of the carbonation. Gentler carbonation means the drink gets its impact from the flavor, not the fizz.

Fizz is cheap, but flavor is harder, and the extra effort shows in Pharmacy's phosphates.

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