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I think we in Nashville, and more specifically at Bites, know why there's been a drop in the unemployment rate: the steady pace of food truck and restaurant openings.

Every new restaurant I visit these days is busy, and it seems like every week there's a new food truck opening. I know I did my part this week by eating out more often than usual. And now, what with that staggering tax cut on food, there's no stopping our local economy. Nice of us to help that way with the economy and all.

Wanderland Food Park's Feastival of food trucks this Saturday is another economy-stimulating prospect. Are you going? And starting Monday, it's the Nashville Originals' Restaurant Week, when you can do your part to help the rising tide to lift all boats — where ya headed? I've settled on old favorite Yellow Porch. (I'm trying to work on portion control, and it's two courses rather than three.)

Where'd you go this week? And what's for dinner? The weekly open thread is open for comment and queries.

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