Still Savoring the Hoppin' John at Weekly Open Thread



OK, we're not literally savoring the hoppin' John — at least I hope all the tasty leftovers from the traditional Jan. 1 good-luck dish were dispatched into appreciative tummies long ago.

No, what's giving us a Friday glow are the web statistics from the past week. We can't reveal any proprietary secrets of the Bites cyber-industrial complex, but it's fair to say that Chris Chamberlain's post containing chef David Guas' recipe for hoppin' John was one of the most viewed pages on the entire Nashville Scene website.

What do you think got people clicking? Their love of black-eyed peas? Their love of Washington, D.C.-area chef Guas? Their love of holiday traditions? Their love of anything that purports to bring good luck?

(The other nugget revealed in the Scene web stats is that people are really, really into a band called Bassnectar. That almost sounds like a comestible product, perhaps a hard cider or a tropical sauce to put on your line-caught bass fillet.)

Welcome to the Open Thread, folks. Share whatever's on your mind on this sixth day of a hopefully very lucky new year.

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