The Great Fish and Chip-off of 2012



I have a regular "lunch bunch" of four or five people, including some Bites commenters. A couple times a week, one of us will send up the Bat Signal on Twitter or via text message to see who's up for a midday meal. And then the bickering begins as we try to decide on a place that fits within our respective lunch specials and is at least marginally interesting. Unless somebody plays the Smiling Elephant card — we're all always up for a trip to the Happy Pachyderm.

Recently, one of our ringleaders expressed a craving for some good fish and chips. That started quite a debate as to whether such a thing actually exists in our fair burg and where we should go in our attempt to find some. Each of us had our own opinion, so we agreed to add a regular fish and chip trial to our lunch rotation. The initial recommendations are McNamara's, Batter'd and Fried, Dan McGuinness, Fleet Street and Whiskey Kitchen.

Of course, not only can we not agree on who has the best fish and chips in town, we also can't even agree on the criteria to judge them by. Do they have to be authentically British? Should hot fish be considered? With or without malt vinegar?

So I invite you into the debate, Bitesters? Are there some other places we should be investigating? Are any of our initial contestants unworthy of consideration? What do you think makes a great basket of fried fish goodness? Chime in below in the comments and I'll keep you apprised of our efforts and our final decision. Providing we can agree on anything ...

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