Pharmacy Burger Parlor Cleared To Open Tuesday



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When I wrote earlier in the week about The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden, the upcoming venture from the Holland House team, I mentioned one last hurdle, which was the beer permit clearing Metro Council.

Three beer permits were on the agenda on Tuesday — Pharmacy Burger, GoGo Sushi and Marathon Music Works — all three businesses needing variances due to Metro's distance requirements for establishments serving beer. (This is that peculiar issue that makes it easier in many cases for restaurants to serve hard liquor and high-alcohol beer — which are regulated by state law — than regular beer, which is regulated by the city.) All three variances were approved.

We hear the Pharmacy Burger had a soft-opening-type preview event last night and will have another tonight, with the official opening Tuesday, Dec. 27.

Now don't all of y'all break the door down on the first night, but if anyone does get over there before we do, feel free to report back.

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